Lykoi Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Sophisticated attempts of mankind to create a new and unheard of, for the sake of interest, benefits or exclusivity, sometimes leads to a completely unexpected though successfull results. Do you think that you know all about the most bizarre breeds of cats? Naked, tailless, curly, miniature, short-legged and lynx? Do not be surprised, but that's not all - Lykoi is one of the young cat breeds that has impressed the whole world.

How Much Does a Lykoi Cat Cost and Price Range

The breed of Lykoi cats may seem to be really expensive but it is worth this money as it is one of the rarest cats' breed. There are only seven registered breeders in the world. The minimum price starts from $1500 and goes up to $2000 and higher. It can increase soon because of its growing popularity. Ask the breeder to show you all documents which can prove the quality and the pedigree of your pet. If you are looking for a unique cat to boast in front of your friends, then this choice will be the best one!

Lykoi Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The color of this breed is refined, unique, presentable black with gray! In fact, color is called roan (wool at the base is white or gray, and black on the ends) and is rare for domestic animals. Eyes are huge, wide-open, having rich yellow color.

The average weight is about 5-6 kg. As usual, males weigh more than girls.

Lykoi Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Pets have not only appearance, but also the nature of the werewolf. According to the owners, Lykoi is affectionate, playful and sociable cat. It is happy to spend time with his family, "helps" the owner with household chores. The arrival of a stranger can awaken in this breed really the dog character. Strangers are not enemies, but potentially dangerous subjects, which the pet is ready to "put in place" as soon as necessary.

By the way, the cat, and can exhibit rigidity is against the dogs. If a stranger tries to harm the host, retribution will follow immediately - Lykoi cats are strong and brave animals who are ready to fight with the major players. The hunting instinct is developed so much that the owner shouldn't have illusions, bringing home a parrot or hamster, victims will not be able to save in any cell as the predator will get it.

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